Monday Links April 18, 2016

Faith Ann Judson – Deathward Life for Chris There is something about Missionary Stories that excite me, convict me, make me excited for heaven and remind me that there is a real battle going on here on earth.  The story of the Judson’s is one of my favorite. Family American Ninja Warrior Backyard Course Need […]

Is there truly a gender bias?

I recall sitting in one of my management course at Wharton listening to a highly intense conversation going around the classroom.  The topic: bias in the workplace, specifically gender and cultural/ethnic.  Sitting in my chair I thought the idea was absurd.  Sure, there may be some gender or cultural bias occasionally, but not nearly to […]

The Marshmallow Test and Future Doom

Do you remember at some point hearing a story about the famed Marshmallow test?  Put a kid in a room with a marshmallow in the table in front of him.  Tell him he can eat it now, but if he waits until [the researcher] gets back, he will get two marshmallows. One now, two if […]

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Each Wednesday I offer a review on either a book or a product. I am a big fan of education and a bigger fan of free education. We live at an amazing time in history.  Never before in our country has so much information been so readily available to the masses. My kids use Khan […]

Should Productivity be the Goal?

We often talk about being productive.  Did you have a productive day?  I was productive today?  I want my kids to be productive members of society? But what do those sentences mean, and should productivity even be the goal? So many are talking about productivity.  From business people to life coaches, even I recently wrote […]

Monday Links April 11, 2016

Faith How Christian is Your Christian College? As a mom of four, whose children may attend college in the future, and as someone who attended a secular college, I have many thoughts on this issue. Many Christian parents only allow “Christian Colleges” as a possibility, assuming and trusting that the word Christian in the schools name […]