Do you see the hand of God?

Do you see His hand?  I don’t mean a visible hand, but do you see the work of Providence in your life?  Do you recognize, at least in hindsight, when God was at work, orchestrating certain circumstances and events for your good? Pause for a moment and ponder: think about a major event in your life […]

Thanking God for fleas

Have you read The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom? I think I have re-read that book more times than any other.  The conviction and courage of the ten Boom family is inspiring.  Their determination to love others, despite great personal risk and sometimes despite a lack of thankfulness is challenging. Father ten Boom’s response to […]

Wednesday Review – Financial Peace University

I graduated from college at 21 with roughly $25,000 in student loans.  At 22 I was making $60,000 with no idea how much I spent each month.  At 23 I bought a big fancy house with no money down that, of course, “required” a big fancy refrigerator and and a fancy high efficiency washer-dryer.  Did […]

I serve at the pleasure

I serve at the pleasure Last year I stumbled upon the show Madam Secretary.  I enjoy Téa Leoni’s acting, who plays the main character of the Secretary of State.  It’s a smartly written show with great humor, opening up a world that I don’t think much about.  The phrase, “I serve at the pleasure of the […]

Wednesday Review —

Picture Little House on the Prairie. Picture the General Store. Picture entering the store and asking for 5 pounds of flour and half a cup of hazelnuts, because it’s Christmas time and you are making a special pie. Now picture that same store but with far more options — “flour” requires a pre-fix : white, […]