Reflecting on the past year

It has been over a year now since we settled into our own apartment here in Anniston, AL.  Like has resumed some sense of normalcy and consistency.  We are back on track with a standard schooling schedule (as if there is really ever a standard schedule), and with life.

I have signed all four kids up for a chess club on Mondays.  We participate in a Classical Conversations community on Tuesdays.  Wednesday nights are spent at church in Bible study.  Thursday they have choir practice.  And on many Saturdays you will find us at either Lowe’s or Home Depot for their respective Kid’s Building Clinics.  We are out of survival mode and into the monotony of life.

I am beginning a business venture with a new business partner to provide much-needed income into our household.  There are monthly bills to be paid, daily meals to prepare and the day-in, day-out chores and responsibilities of life.

One would think — I would think — after all we have been through, I would start and end every day with choruses of joy and dances of gratitude sprinkled in between sun up and sun down.  I have witnessed His tender care for us.  I have experienced His unending mercies in extremely vivid ways.  How could I ever spend a single moment in anything but praise for HIM??!!

And yet much like the Israelites shortly after crossing the Red Sea, I find ways to grumble.

It seems I need to constantly remind myself of all the works He has done, and this book is helping me to do that.  As I hear reports from people who have ready this story; as they communicate with me the parts that most resonate with them or the scenarios that most challenge them or encourage them, I am being reminded of God’s goodness to me.

This is our family story.  May I never forget the journey He took us on.

Left homeless with four young children the author takes off on a cross country road trip in a desperate attempt to survive. Searching for answers and a fresh start they travel 10,974 miles through 34 different states before winding up in a borrowed bus in a trailer park in Alabama. This raw and honest look at the trials and stresses of single parenthood for this family will leave you rooting for a happy ending. The author pulls no punches and offers no rosy cover-up to the very real and very vivid difficulties faced on a daily and even hourly basis. But through it all, God is working. What does their future hold? Come along for a journey that will leave you in awe of God’s providential care.