Wednesday Review – Coursera

Courses without the campus.

kid on college campus

We live in an incredible age.  So much information is at our fingertips.  I remember when floppy disks were all we had, and it took a stack of them to load a program onto the computer because each disk held a few megabytes of data.  During the days of AOL I would wait anxiously for the familiar sound of connection to go through, hoping that no one in the house picked up the phone while I was online, kicking me off the internet.  Today we have the internet on our phones.

As technology marches on, we undergo information overload.  To add to that overload, some of the top universities in the world putting their material on the web, for FREE.

Coursera is a website that enables access to numerous courses, specially put together for web-learning, covering a wide variety of subject matter from an equally wide variety of schools.

I have taken business courses from my alma mater, while living 2500 miles away.

There are Chinese classes from China.
Math classes from Stanford.
Music classes from Yale.
Writing classes from Wesleyan.

Pick a subject and you can find a college level course, put together in a user friendly format, for free.

Need further education on a particular topic for job advancement, and need a certification that goes along with that education, there are paid options that enable that.

Whether for work or fun, I highly recommend you checking out Coursera and learning something new TODAY!