Wednesday Review – Quizlet


In the process of my 4th grader preparing for the National Geography Bee, our local Bee coordinator told us about this great website/app called Quizlet. This lady is a university professor who uses Quizlet for her classes and was finding it tremendously helpful for Geo Bee prep.

You head to their website:, and create an account. After that you can use the program on the website or on a device via the app.  It allows you to create your own “Study Set,” or even easier, use one of the thousands already created – covering just about any topic you can imagine.

I have used it for my elementary aged kids; there are study sets going all the way through High School material and into college courses.

A study set is a deck of flashcards on steroids.

Use the sets as traditional flashcards for memorization. Utilize the audio feature to hear words pronounced. Play the interactive games to make learning and the memorization process more enjoyable.

Numerous features make this a fantastic resource for any student, certainly any teacher, and even any adult seeking to learn new topics.