Wednesday Review —

Picture Little House on the Prairie.

Picture the General Store.

Picture entering the store and asking for 5 pounds of flour and half a cup of hazelnuts, because it’s Christmas time and you are making a special pie.

Now picture that same store but with far more options — “flour” requires a pre-fix : white, whole-wheat, almond, gluten-free, etc.  Imagine delicacies from near and far — maca from Peru as well as Almonds from California.

Now imagine access to all of that sans the dirty, dusty horse ride into town: picture access to all of that while sitting behind your computer.

That is nuts.comhomemade pasta

A love that they are a family run business. I love that they started with a single man, selling nuts back in the 20’s.  I love their customer service and their prices and the tremendous variety.  I love the specials they often run around holidays, often including samples with orders, enabling me to try things I wouldn’t normally order.

Whether you have special dietary needs, or are a foodie that appreciates quality items, a great resource for high quality at competative prices, delivered right to your doorstep.

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