Rockin’ Dairy Free Mac and Cheese

If your kids are like mine, they love anything pasta, and they especially love Macaroni and Cheese. I used to make the very best from scratch Mac and Cheese; it was well worth the crazy amount of time it took to grate the cheese, melt it down, mix in the milk and various spices, etc. […]

No More Mommy Guilt

There are a million ways to mess up, and a very narrow path to success — at least, that’s how it can feel.  And I’m not talking about defusing a bomb – I’m talking about being a good mom. It seems every which way I look there are glaring messages about what makes a good […]

Wednesday Review – OverDrive

Last week I mentioned that one of the books I “read” in May was an audiobook via my library’s ebook/audiobook lending system. For those unaware, I thought it may be helpful to highlight that today. If you are a member of your local library, you have audiobooks and ebooks at your fingertips via an app […]

Stupid Questions Mom’s Ask Their Kids

I’m sure it’s just me. I know no one else asks these absurd questions. I’m confident every other mom out there uses good logic when communicating to their children, despite the chaos going on all around. But have you even noticed the dumb questions we ask our kids? Well, not you personally; that was already […]

No free rides

Got teenagers? Do they got summer jobs yet? Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank has 6 suggestions:  Golf Caddy Product Merchandiser Camp Counselor/Life Guard Summer Entrepreneur Youth Conservation Corps. Caregiver

Teach your child….there is no shame in starting low

Parking lot attendant Bartender Childcare registrar at the YMCA McDonald’s grillman What do all of these have in common?  These are a list of jobs held by now successful businessmen and women. Michael Bloomberg – former NYC mayor and billionaire was once a student at Johns Hopkins University, working as a parking lot attendant to […]

Teach your child…no one owes you anything

The current generation of young adults have been pegged as the “entitled generation.”  I have a feeling that each subsequent generation has been dubbed similar by the preceding generation.  I think the idea of entitlement looks different in different generations and that by nature, we all feel entitled to one degree or another. Let’s work […]

Teach your child…the past can follow you

The permanent record: two words that used to strike fear into every public school kid a few decades ago. The threat of a teacher putting an infraction on the permanent record was enough to cause most kids to straighten up right quick! Some kids didn’t care two hoots, and others never did anything wrong. But for […]