Summer reading for the struggling reader

Summer is a great time to kick back and pick up books that we don’t have time to read during the year. It’s a chance for kids to read for fun, not just because it’s assigned. But how can parents help their struggling reader? Sarah Mackenzie puts together a few suggestions and gives a list […]

God’s Marvelous Creation

Ever wonder how spiders made their webs that span across trees? Me neither.  But this video reveals just how amazing that task is. An up-close look at web making. And as someone who shrieks when she sees a spider, this was rather mesmerizing.

Are your kids as obsessed with paper airplanes as mine are? See if you can’t impress them with any of these styles from Tinkerlab. All you need is the following: Paper Airplane Supplies A few sets of instructions for making paper airplanes. You can get these from a book or download instructions from the internet (see […]