Recommended Books

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This book changed my life.  After hearing two sermons from Ray Comfort, author of this book, the Lord did a work in my heart; convicting me of my sinfulness and enabling me to see His wonderful kindness to offer grace. Every person, believer or not, would benefit from Hell’s Best Kept Secret.


Anything by J.I. Packer is worth a read, but Knowing God is the cream of the crop.  Deep, awe-inspiring, you will walk away with a greater love and knowledge of the Lord.



Great guide for how to integrate faith into family life. It is easy to allow a disconnect and can be difficult to know what one should be doing at home. Written by pastor and missionary, Voddie Baucham, father of 9 children, he has some experience in this realm of family driven faith.


Newly introduced to this book myself, I devoured it as fast as my eyes could read and my brain could comprehend.  This book brings a new line of thinking to market analysis and competitiveness.  Why swim with everyone else when you can enjoy your own Blue Ocean?


Should be a required read for every high school student as well as every adult. No need to be a victim of the economy, entrepreneurial success is possible. After speaking to 1500 individuals who started a business for $100 or less and are now making $50,000 or more, Chris zooms in on the 50 most interesting, for a wonderful read that will leave you inspired and encouraged.


Do only the ruthless succeed in business?  According to Adam Grant (and others) the answer is “no!”  Those Grant calls givers fare far better than the takers.  Who all know those takers, we don’t like them, we try to avoid them. Don’t be a taker, giving is where it’s at.  (I’m always amazed when secular research affirms what the Bible already declared thousands of years ago: i.e. Acts 20:35)

Another book along those same lines.  While covering the same theme, they take a slightly different approach and collectively will most assuredly convince you of the way you should approach your business and personal relationships. One of a handful of books by Burg that I found worthwhile.


I am very excited about every book Professor Adam Grant puts out, this is no exception.  Having often wondered what I need to do to “fit in,” Adam Grant goes beyond quaint anecdotal stories (although he has those two) and offers research data giving us all “permission” to be original.

Why is the US plagued with heart disease, obesity and diabetes, and historically people groups that consumed high amounts of starches slim, trim and healthy?  If rice makes us fat, why are Asian populations known for their slenderness?  This book offers both some insight and some steps to counteract the American health plagues.

Another well researched book on how to prevent various health issues.  What we have long been told were purely genetic and there is no way to prevent or treat is largely wrong.  Dr. Gregor will explain why and what you CAN do to improve your health.

Susan Wise Bauer puts out what many homeschoolers consider the ultimate treatise on the topic.  Whether you homeschool or not, this is a great starting point and a great guide to understand classical education and how to implement it in your home and your school.