Someday there will be no spills on the floor, or at the table, or in the living room.

Someday the house will look exactly the way I left it, not matter how much time has passed.

Someday afternoon naps won’t be interrupted, and personal reading time will not become 20-questions time.

Someday meals will always be peaceful and bedtime will be without struggle.

Someday the only toothpaste smeared on the bathroom mirror will be…wait, there¬†won’t be any toothpaste smeared.

Someday tables and windows won’t be loved with gooey fingers.

Someday I will be able to simply put on my shoes, grab my keys and walk out the door – in that order and without any additional steps.

Someday I will not need to hide in the bathroom to find 5 minutes of quiet.


Someday life will be simpler, but not have as many laughs.

Someday the house will be quieter, but not have as much joy.

Someday I might find the things I long for now and the things I then miss.

THIS day I will smile as they play and laugh as they act goofy and listen as they talk and thank God for it all: the gooey tables, the mess on the floor, the toothpaste on the mirror, the noise down the hall.

Someday life will be different, this day is the one I treasure now.


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