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Left homeless with four young children, the author takes off on a cross- country road trip in a desperate attempt to survive.  Searching for answers and a fresh start, they travel 10,974 miles through 34 different states before winding up in a borrowed bus, in a trailer park, in Alabama.  This raw and honest look at the trials and stresses of single parenthood for this family will leave you rooting for a happy ending.  The author pulls no punches and offers no rosy cover-up to the very real and very vivid difficulties faced on a daily and even hourly basis.  But through it all, God is working.  What does their future hold?  Come along for a journey that will leave you in awe of God’s providential care.

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“‘Poland what?’ is the usual response I get when I begin to explain my condition.”
As a mom of four, I often have wondered how I would raise my child of he or she had P.S.  What would I do the same as my parents did and what would I do differently?
Parenting is hard enough without the added challenges of a physical affliction. What parent doesn’t occasionally wonder if they are doing the right thing and making the right choices for their child?  Add PS on top of that, a condition that you cannot quite related to; a condition that your child in ways you would not even anticipate.
Written for parents, by both a parent and one who has lived with PS for over three decades.  This is a how-to guide combined with very personal stories alongside insights intertwined with encouragement.
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