Pride-fueled forgetfulness

“I’m bad with names.” It’s often one of the first things I say after meeting someone new; establishing my excuse to forget their name before we meet again, and likely, before the current conversation is even over. I’m bad with names. It’s true. Always have been. I generally forget a person’s name not long after […]

They Were Never Mine

A few months ago I stood with the mother of a groom during the wedding reception and asked, “How are you doing?” She was enduring many changes in her family: good chances, but changes nonetheless.  The most recent and most drastic of those changes was the marriage of her oldest child. I had been praying […]

Do you see the hand of God?

Do you see His hand?  I don’t mean a visible hand, but do you see the work of Providence in your life?  Do you recognize, at least in hindsight, when God was at work, orchestrating certain circumstances and events for your good? Pause for a moment and ponder: think about a major event in your life […]

Thanking God for fleas

Have you read The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom? I think I have re-read that book more times than any other.  The conviction and courage of the ten Boom family is inspiring.  Their determination to love others, despite great personal risk and sometimes despite a lack of thankfulness is challenging. Father ten Boom’s response to […]

Wednesday Review – Financial Peace University

I graduated from college at 21 with roughly $25,000 in student loans.  At 22 I was making $60,000 with no idea how much I spent each month.  At 23 I bought a big fancy house with no money down that, of course, “required” a big fancy refrigerator and and a fancy high efficiency washer-dryer.  Did […]