Monday – May 30, 2016

Faith I appreciate this clarification between patience and indifference.  While lacking patience in numerous scenarios, I have also been accused of indifference at times when I was simply patiently trusting the Lord’s timing.  During those times of accusation, I was left unsure of whether my calm amidst uncertainly revealed sin in some way.  Having read […]

Teach your child….there is no shame in starting low

Parking lot attendant Bartender Childcare registrar at the YMCA McDonald’s grillman What do all of these have in common?  These are a list of jobs held by now successful businessmen and women. Michael Bloomberg – former NYC mayor and billionaire was once a student at Johns Hopkins University, working as a parking lot attendant to […]

Teach your child…no one owes you anything

The current generation of young adults have been pegged as the “entitled generation.”  I have a feeling that each subsequent generation has been dubbed similar by the preceding generation.  I think the idea of entitlement looks different in different generations and that by nature, we all feel entitled to one degree or another. Let’s work […]

Monday – May 23, 2016

Faith Who doesn’t need help in organizing their prayer life??  Great article by Tim Challies. Family Interesting look at “How cultures around the world thing about parenting.”  I look at parenting from a Biblical perspective, but with that worldview, there is much room for cultural differences.  We American’s don’t hold the final authority on the […]