Monday, August 1 2016

Faith I can still return to the feelings of utter brokenness and despair while in the midst of my divorce. There seemed to be no comfort available. Thankfully, the Lord does not leave us alone.  Here are some thoughts on how to comfort the comfortless. Family Steve Lawson on How to tell your child to behave […]

Monday, July 25 2016

Faith My youngest is 5, so I have entered a season of life where life is somewhat predictable, at least compared to my friends with newborns. No midnight feedings. No sleepless nights due to a colicy baby. No potty accidents. While I miss babies, I do not miss the chaos and the total monkey wrench […]

Monday, July 18 2016

Faith You may have wondered, why don’t we follow all of the Old Testament Laws??  JD Greear offers an answer. Family Single ladies – myself included – let’s wait…let’s wait for a man who preaches the Gospel to us. Life The downside of no downtime for kids — let’s be careful about over scheduling our kids. […]

Monday, July 11 2016

Faith Intellectual honesty is important: don’t be afraid to admit when an Atheist has a good point. Family If you read enough books and blogs, you will eventually be paralyzed from making any decision, because no matter which way you choose, one so-called-expert will tell you that you are doomed.  Moms are particularly vulnerable.  And this […]

Monday, July 4 2016

Faith Here is another one.  5 Ways God’s Not Dead Fails Christians. Family While the use of the word “Privilege” causes me to twitch, I appreciate perspective this article, as it reminds us to not squander the opportunities we have — I’ll take it a step farther. Whatever the opportunity, whether many or few, we ought […]

Monday, June 27, 2016

Faith How to Become a Better Theologian – Very interesting article Family This may qualify as a *must read,* which I rarely say. Addressing an issue I have long struggled with how to properly communicate, it recommends we stop telling our kids not to talk to strangers — they may need to talk to a stranger […]

Monday, June 20, 2016

Faith Why God’s Not Dead and other faith based films hurt religion I’m so glad other people are saying these things, because I think them, but am too much of a coward and am too tired of being the “over zealous” one, to say so out loud. Family Spaghetti tower marshmallow challenge.  We have used a […]

Monday, June 13, 2016

Faith:  Fearless women – an article by Desiring God discussing how fearless women advance the Kingdom. Recounting the story of a 24-year-old Christian widow and convert from Islam, author Nik Rapkin offers this: I don’t understand. You are not afraid of anything. My wife and daughters and all the women in my family are afraid of everything. […]

Monday – June 6, 2016

Faith Short but sweet; Trusting the Writer of Your Past, by Rick Thomas.  Especially when I reflect upon past sins and failures, it is easy to become discouraged.  But the Lord is the ultimate author of all my life, not just the highlights. Family We utilize some fabulous apps that make schooling fun and efficient, […]

Monday – May 30, 2016

Faith I appreciate this clarification between patience and indifference.  While lacking patience in numerous scenarios, I have also been accused of indifference at times when I was simply patiently trusting the Lord’s timing.  During those times of accusation, I was left unsure of whether my calm amidst uncertainly revealed sin in some way.  Having read […]