Monday, July 4 2016


While the use of the word “Privilege” causes me to twitch, I appreciate perspective this article, as it reminds us to not squander the opportunities we have — I’ll take it a step farther. Whatever the opportunity, whether many or few, we ought to train our children to recognize them as blessings from the Lord and to make the most of our skills and circumstances.

Telephone downgrade – This author traded in his iPhone for a dumb phone, to the puzzlement of the clerk. I’ve had iPhones, I’ve had no-phone and I’ve had dumb phones over the years—I enjoy the convenience of my current iPhone, but it sure is easy to get sucked into time wasting activities.

I have crafty kids who want to improve their craftiness.  Unfortunately for them they have an un-crafty mother.  Thankfully there are numerous websites to pick up my slack, like CreativeLife.

I find this surprising and fascinating.  Generalists get better job offers than Specialists. An HBR article worth a read.

Et Cetera
UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, START. A history of the Konami Code (I didn’t know it had a name – we called it the Contra Code).  Ah, memories.  Its impact reaches far beyond Contra.

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