Hello. My name is Melissa. And I’m a Me-aholic

For most of my life I have lived in denial. As a kid the word “selfish” was tossed my way a time or two. The way it was said made it clear such was not a praise of encouragement but an accusation and indictment; so while knowing it was true, I denied it vehemently and […]

Wednesday Review – Move the Turtle

I am very fond of programming apps. I’ve mentioned before the benefits I see to learning the basic concepts of programming. There is a good chance that your child will work with a programmer in some capacity in the future; it is helpful to have a foundational understanding of that world. Programming forces you to […]

Monday, June 27, 2016

Faith How to Become a Better Theologian – Very interesting article Family This may qualify as a *must read,* which I rarely say. Addressing an issue I have long struggled with how to properly communicate, it recommends we stop telling our kids not to talk to strangers — they may need to talk to a stranger […]

Rockin’ Dairy Free Mac and Cheese

If your kids are like mine, they love anything pasta, and they especially love Macaroni and Cheese. I used to make the very best from scratch Mac and Cheese; it was well worth the crazy amount of time it took to grate the cheese, melt it down, mix in the milk and various spices, etc. […]

Wednesday Review – Quizlet

  In the process of my 4th grader preparing for the National Geography Bee, our local Bee coordinator told us about this great website/app called Quizlet. This lady is a university professor who uses Quizlet for her classes and was finding it tremendously helpful for Geo Bee prep. You head to their website: Quizlet.com, and create […]

No More Mommy Guilt

There are a million ways to mess up, and a very narrow path to success — at least, that’s how it can feel.  And I’m not talking about defusing a bomb – I’m talking about being a good mom. It seems every which way I look there are glaring messages about what makes a good […]

Monday, June 20, 2016

Faith Why God’s Not Dead and other faith based films hurt religion I’m so glad other people are saying these things, because I think them, but am too much of a coward and am too tired of being the “over zealous” one, to say so out loud. Family Spaghetti tower marshmallow challenge.  We have used a […]