Monday, June 20, 2016

I’m so glad other people are saying these things, because I think them, but am too much of a coward and am too tired of being the “over zealous” one, to say so out loud.

Spaghetti tower marshmallow challenge.  We have used a variety of “tools” to build towers and other structures – gum drops, marshmallows, straws, toothpicks…my kids love it every time!  But I like the challenge of this one.  Try it out at the next family night.

Interesting look at Trumps use of language – What we say, what we don’t say and how we say it are all important.


Success Mag says these are 12 Books on Leadership to add to our reading list.  I’m sure I’d take issue with parts, if not entire books on this list, it’s helpful to keep an eye on beneficial resources.

Et Cetera

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