Grace to You – Need a topic addressed, search here.  Between book and sermons, GTY has you covered.

Answers in Genesis – Solid material for schooling, discipleship and personal study.

Rick Thomas – Fantastic resources by this solid Christian counselor.


Paul David Tripp – Wonderful author and speaker on a number of topics, including family.  Tremendously helpful parenting resources.

FamilyLife – Great radio program and books cover many areas about family.


A Well Trained Mind – I’m a big fan of the classical model for educating my kids. This is a great place to start.

Classical Conversations – For those looking for a community of homeschoolers, this may be the place for you.

Visual Latin – I cannot say enough about Dwane Thomas, especially his Visual Latin program.  CHECK IT OUT.  You may find you like Latin afterall.



Chris Guillebeau – If you haven’t heard of this fellow yet, now is the time. Tremendous resources for business, travel, inspiration/motivation.

Dave Ramsey – If you need a plan to get your finances in order, this is the place to go.


Jon Acuff – If he wrote it, it’s worth reading.  Wonderfully witty author and speaker who makes steps towards entrepreneurship and doable and less scary.

Seth Godin – Another author that, if he wrote it, it’s worth reading.  Work and life related, great thought leader.

Simon Sinek – The Start with Why guy.  Another great thinking on all things life and work.

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