Monday, July 11 2016



If you read enough books and blogs, you will eventually be paralyzed from making any decision, because no matter which way you choose, one so-called-expert will tell you that you are doomed.  Moms are particularly vulnerable.  And this is hilarious!


Is it sinful to have things that go beyond pure necessity? Should Christians live as pure minimalists?  Are creature comforts ever acceptable? This is written by a missionary for missionaries, but it applies to us all.


Why 5-year-olds can and should learn calculus — what do you think about this article?


 Highlight on Warby Parker — I’m fond of this company because they bring affordability to the Eyeglasses market, and I’m fond of this company because it’s founders are from my Alma Mater.

Et Cetera

“Send all rescue vehicles and personnel immediately, there is a wave of molasses coming down the street.” Can you imagine walking down the street only to see molasses rushing towards you at 35 mph? It sounds rather humorous, but at the time, it was anything but.

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