Don’t forget the lonely…

13 days to go…my kids are most certainly counting down.  13 days until Christmas.  13 days until “the most wonderful time of year” culminates.  But for many, it is 13 more days of dread.  13 more days of missing the spouse that died this past year.  13 more days of the reminder that they won’t […]

To whom shall I go?

Every so often I receive what is meant to be a compliment; it generally goes something like this: “Good for you for not turning your back on God.” This often comes after they find out that despite being divorce, I have continued to homeschool my four children. My response to them is the same as […]

Replace pride with gratitude

Christian brother and sister, upon hearing that the new visitor at church is divorce, what first goes through your mind? Do you remind yourself that God hates divorce? Do you wonder what s/he did to end up divorced? Do you assume s/he gave up too easily? This isn’t a trick question.  We all have knee-jerk […]

Divorce stinks!

There is no way to sugar coat the reality that divorce stinks! It stinks for the one on the receiving end. It stinks for the one on the pursuing end (although they often think pursuing the divorce will make them happy). It stinks for the children who are collateral damage. It stinks for friends who […]

They don’t fully understand, yet neither to I

I know who goes before me. I know who stands beside. The God of angel armies is always by my side. Singing this one Sunday induced a swell of emotion. It brought me back to our 3 1/2 month homeless trek across the country. I was reminded once again of how the Lord was ever so faithful […]

Do you see the hand of God?

Do you see His hand?  I don’t mean a visible hand, but do you see the work of Providence in your life?  Do you recognize, at least in hindsight, when God was at work, orchestrating certain circumstances and events for your good? Pause for a moment and ponder: think about a major event in your life […]

Thanking God for fleas

Have you read The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom? I think I have re-read that book more times than any other.  The conviction and courage of the ten Boom family is inspiring.  Their determination to love others, despite great personal risk and sometimes despite a lack of thankfulness is challenging. Father ten Boom’s response to […]

I serve at the pleasure

I serve at the pleasure Last year I stumbled upon the show Madam Secretary.  I enjoy Téa Leoni’s acting, who plays the main character of the Secretary of State.  It’s a smartly written show with great humor, opening up a world that I don’t think much about.  The phrase, “I serve at the pleasure of the […]