Remembering TRUTH Even When I Don’t “Feel it”

Have you ever been in a place where seeds of doubt were taking root? Maybe it showed up in the form of fear — a fear that is evidence that you are not trusting the Lord in that moment.

A pending diagnosis has you fearful of what is to come.

Finances are tight and then the washing machine stops working and you have no idea where the money will come to fix it.

A life uncertainty sits before you and the quip, “I don’t know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future,” just isn’t providing comfort.

What do you do in the moments when you aren’t feeling comforted or trusting or contented?  What do you do when what you know from Scripture isn’t quite matching up with your circumstances?

You do the same thing the Psalmists did – the same thing Job did — you rehearse the character and nature of God until your feelings catch up with truth.

Truth is truth.  It is unchanging.  The Lord is unchanging. Who He is doesn’t alter with time or depend on circumstances.  So when what you feel is off-kilter with what Scripture says, you acknowledge the disconnect and you focus on the unchanging until your heart and mind once again align.

Our Lord is faithful. He is consistent. He is, thankfully, gracious and patient and forebears with our unbelief and wavering hearts.  And when you come around, He will still be there, still upholding goodness and faithfulness.

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