Don’t worry, Lord, I’ve got a plan!

I have it all worked out. My plan is flawless. Lord, all that needs to happen is this… Absurd, right? And yet how many times have I effectively thought that, despite what I was willing to admit out loud? How many times have I assessed a situation; a problem, or a desired outcome, and instead […]

Where should my confidence come from?

Or, for the grammatically correct readers, From whence should my confidence come? Who am I kidding, that is still probably wrong, and I’m okay with that. My worth is not defined by whether my English grammar is prim and proper.   Nor by any of the other standards that might be imposed by society or individuals. […]

Discontentment assumes much

Early in my mothering “career,” when friends would discuss the guilt they felt for missing work now that they stay home, I listened, but I couldn’t relate.  Maybe it was because my job wasn’t all that fulfilling, but there was nothing I missed about being in the working world.  Sure, I had far less discretionary […]