Monday Links April 18, 2016

Ann Judson – Deathward Life for Chris
There is something about Missionary Stories that excite me, convict me, make me excited for heaven and remind me that there is a real battle going on here on earth.  The story of the Judson’s is one of my favorite.

American Ninja Warrior Backyard Course
Need some family bonding time?  What little boy (and girl) wouldn’t be thrilled to see this in their backyard?? I’d have to go first, of course, to ensure that it’s safe and all.

20 Ways to Make a Small Room Seem BIGGER
I lack decorating and fashion skill.  I can copy what I see in a magazine or at Ikea (love IKEA) but fall miserably at any unique creativity.  This is why I am so very thankful for posts like this one that help me make my small space feel bigger.

Japanese Method for Multiplication
Japanese multiplication.  I wonder what the Japanese think of our American method.

5 Ways to get Twice as Much Done Every Day
Wise words from a wise man.

Et Cetera
Top 65 Books to Read in a Lifetime
If Richard Branson recommends it, I think it’s worth a look.