Monday – May 30, 2016


I appreciate this clarification between patience and indifference.  While lacking patience in numerous scenarios, I have also been accused of indifference at times when I was simply patiently trusting the Lord’s timing.  During those times of accusation, I was left unsure of whether my calm amidst uncertainly revealed sin in some way.  Having read this, I have concluded that, by His grace, I was exhibiting patience, not indifference.


This looks easy enough.  2 Ingredient play clay. I foresee an afternoon activity.


The fact that this article needed to be written makes me sad a little.  Common sense people!  From the Standord Dean, “ A Stanford dean on adult skills every 18-year-old should have,” which implies that the 18-year-olds he sees at Stanford may be lacking in these areas.


The Bible Bee starts in one week.  Check it out.  It’s a fun way to encourage Bible memory.


Not an earth shattering article, but I have taken enough road trips in the past few years, the title peaked my interest. Planning a Road Trip? If So, Use It as a Guide to Business and Life

Et Cetera

Say it ain’t so.  I feel so lied to.  Closing apps does not save battery power.