Wednesday Review – OverDrive

Last week I mentioned that one of the books I “read” in May was an audiobook via my library’s ebook/audiobook lending system. For those unaware, I thought it may be helpful to highlight that today.

If you are a member of your local library, you have audiobooks and ebooks at your fingertips via an app called OverDrive.  You connect with your local library information: depending on your library it would be your library card number, or your login name. Once you set the app up it will remember that information for future use.

It’s really a simple system and it feels silly to over explain.  All you need to know is that app gives you access to thousands of ebooks, audiobooks and in some cases videos for FREE.  I have listened to and read countless books thanks to this app.  We often have a book we listen to during afternoon quiet time, which does wonders to promote children being quiet and also enables us to read another book.

Check it out!



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