Wednesday Review – Pocket

Distraction is everywhere, and is especially heightened on the internet.  I may jump on the computer to quickly check my bank balance and send and email, and before I know it I am scanning the latest articles on my Facebook feed and completely forgot the reason I powered up my computer in the first place.   One click leads to another and I’m deep into a rabbit trail of reading that, while interesting and potentially enlightening, is not ideal at the moment.

Enter pocket.

Why did I not know about this website sooner?

Over at you sign up for a free account.

They are integrated to over 500 platforms, although I mainly use it on my computer.  With a simple installation of an extension to your web browser, you are ready to begin saving websites to your pocket.  The pocket symbol will appear at the top of your screen, and simply by clicking on that button, the current web site is saved to your collection.

So now, instead of seeing an article and feeling compelled to read it right now, neglecting what I was supposed to do, I can save it to my pocket and read later.

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